russ iden | illustrations

Here is a selection of my illustrations and cartoons, I am able to work in a wide variety of styles to fit different briefs such as a large poster for a bar or personalised greetings card

For commissions please contact me at

All images © R.Iden MMXXIV

Goose Cafe Cartoon
Caveman Cartoon
Worthing Museum Cartoon
Inside Magazine Cover Diver
Palace Pier Birdseye
Available as a Print
Palace Pier Entrance
Available as a Print
Birthday Card Cartoon Personalised
Gifted Shop Cartoon
Family Cartoon
Self-portrait in Pencil
Food Truck Cartoon
Donut Truck
Food Truck Illustration
Worthopoly Canvas Print
Comic Strip Panels
Citroen Van Cartoon
Xmas Cartoon
Classic VW Beetle Sketch
Retro Toy Shop Tote Bag Illustration
BMX Bike Pink Box Sketch
Burst Thermometer Sketch
Mount Fuji.jpg
Car Park Sketch
Electric Guitar Sketch
Albert Uderzo Tribute
Citroen Graphic 2CV Sketch
Sausages Dog Graphic
Fishing Boats Sketch
Ford Transit Sketch
Frida Kahlo Cartoon
Inside Mag Cover
Henry Cavill Cartoon
Usain Bolt Cartoon
Billie Elish Cartoon
Girl in Breton Jersey
Pigeon Sketch
Mountain Bike Sketch
Hamburg Rathaus Sketch
Cartoon Me Graphic
Contact me for your own version!
Horses Head Pencil Sketch
Jazz Portrait of Chet Baker
Cycling Jester Design 1
Cycling Jester Design 2
Just Married Cartoon
London and Hamburg Mural Design
London and Hamburg Mural Scale
Abstract Art Symbol
Oil on Canvas
Powertools Sketch
Puffin Sketch
Punk 40th Birthday Card
Rabbit Children's Book Drawing
Rowing Boat Cartoon
Email Spammer Cartoon
Hacktivist Hacker Cartoon
Script Kiddie Hacker Cartoon
The Scout Hacker Cartoon
Worthing It Rocks Cartoon!
St Paul's Cathedral Sketch
St Paul's Cathedral and Bridge Sketch
The Swan at Staines Sketch
Street Shops Sketch
The Swan Hotel Staines Painting
The Keep Cornwall Painting
Tim Burton Cartoon
Brighton Cartoon
Tower Bridge Sketch
Staines Town Hall Sketch
Alan Turing's House in Hampton Sketch
Vintage Car Graphic
Wasp Target Graphic
Wedding Choir Cartoon
Wizard Sketch
Jack Tuesday Cartoon
Misc Workers Cartoon
Napoleon Cartoon
Bob Dylan Poster
Frida Illustration
The Beatles Get Back
Monkey Magic Cartoon
Worthing Town Cartoon
Worthing Stick of Rock Poster
Peter Pan Playground Worthing Cartoon

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