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I have taught photography at Key stage 3 and 4 and am currently teaching GCSE Photography, prior to that part of my role curating the Image Library for was to capture and edit a wide variety of photographic images, as well as a large number of vehicle photos I have also covered many exhibitions and events

All images © R.Iden MMXXIV

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Flower Head on Beige
Bridge BW
A Hamburg Watercraft BW
Blue Lights
Beach BW
Bruge Tower
BBQ Silhouette
Beach Groyne BW
Beach Huts Lomo
Beach Plants BW
Beach Waves BW
Calais Sunset
Brown Butterfly
Building Texture
Bull Rushes
Cathedral BW
Dark Clouds 2
Dark Clouds
Dome BW 2
Dome BW
Eden Project
Ferris Wheel
Black Sky Beach Huts BW
Fishing Boat Beached
Fishing Boat
Five Senses Collage
Fruit Bowl
Ground Plants BW
Hamburg Balloon
Hamburg Lights
Hamburg Paddleboarders BW
Jesus Statue
Leaping Youth
Lion Statue
London Building at Night
London Sunset Thames
Misc Quadbike
Toyota Docklands
Garden Tools Mower
Park Sunset
Perching Bird
Pier Cafe BW
Pier Deck BW
Pier Silhouettes
Pier Walkers BW
Plant in Frost
Plant Leaves
Rainy Plants BW
Reeds Sunset
Rowing Boats
Runnymeade Sunset
Sailing Yacht
Sausage Dog on Beach BW
Seaside Silhouette 2
Seaside Silhouette
South London BW
Sparkler Trail
Staines Bridge Sunset
Statue and Flowers
Sussex Downs BW
Swan Close Up
Swansea Reflection
Swedish Sunset
Thames River Pub
Thames River Pub
The Moon
The Shard
Tide Coming In
Tilt Shift River
Toronto Road
Toronto Skyline
Train Tilt Shift
Trees by the Sea
Water Ripples
Waves on Beach BW
Whispy Clouds
Wine Bottles
Woman Silhouette
Worthing Pier BW 2
Worthing Pier BW
Worthing Pier Sign
Worthing Pier Stained Glass
Worthing Prom Trees BW
Beach Huts Ferring Planet