russ iden | murals

It has been my privilege to have created a large number of murals throughout my career, I enjoy the feedback I get from people and it gives me a sense of fulfilment that they will remain in place for many years for people to see

I can work to tight deadlines in a number of different styles and create a bespoke design that will work within the space available and enhance your environment

To commission me please contact me at

All images © R.Iden MMXXIV

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Sports Hall Mural Cricket
Sports Hall Mural Rugby
Sports Hall Mural Netball
English Book Mural
Art Department Mural
Ground Floor
Art Mural
Warhol Dollars
Art Department Mural
M C Escher
Art Department Mural
Marilyn Pink
Art Department Mural
ABC Mural.jpg
Art Department Mural
Georgia O'Keeffe Steps
Art Department Mural
Vincent Van Gogh
Keth Haring Mural
Art Department Mural
Frida Kahlo
Careers Mural 1
Careers Mural 2
Careers Mural 3
Careers Mural 4
Careers Mural 5
Classroom Chart Mural
Classroom Chart Mural 2
Corridor Makeover
Corridor Makeover 2
Crucifix Noah's Arc Design
Dance Mural 1
Dance Mural 2
Dance Mural 3
Dance Mural
Aloha Door Design Aloha
English Department Mural
Environment Mural
Don't Panic
Environment Mural
Belvedere Tower MC Escher
Escher Tower Mural
Grease Play Flats Diner Scene
Grease Play
Stage Flats
Grease Play
Prop Designs
Hercules Play Flats
Villa Scene with Russ
Hercules Play
Stage Flats Village
Hercules Statue
Hercules Vase
Hercules Play Stage Flats
Villa Scene
Hercules Play
Stage Flats Village Scene 2
ICT Department Mural
ICT Department Mural 2
Landscape Desert Mural
Landscape Jungle Mural
Landscape Mountains Mural
Landscape Forest Region Mural
Landscape Polar Bear
Environment Shed
Colnbrook Primary School
Hall Mural
Colnbrook Mural
Colnbrook Primary
School Hall Mural 2
Colnbrook Primary
School Hall Mural 2
Warden Park School Mural
Warden Park
School Mural 2
The Muscle System
Slough and Eton 75th Anniversary
Mural Rough Design
Slough and Eton 75th Anniversary Mural in Production
Slough and Eton
75th Anniversary Mural
Snowy Forest Stage Flats
Snowy ForestStage Flats Close-Up
Forest Stage Flats with Russ
Grease Play Flats
School Scene with Russ
Stage Flats
the Nutcracker Lounge
Stage Flats
the Nutcracker Nursery
Tech Mural Welcome
Tech Department Mural
Tech Mural Panel
Tech Mural Chair
Tech Mural Rethink
Tech Mural Reduce
Tech Mural Refuse
Tech Mural Repair
Tech Mural Reuse
Tec Mural Recycle
Tin Tin Lounge Mural
Tin Tin and
Captain Haddock Mural
Noah's Arc
Window Design
Beatles Mural in Progress
The Yellow Submarine
Bathroom Mural
The Yellow Submarine
Bathroom Mural Close Up
The Yellow Submarine
and Russ
Northlands Wood Primary Mural
In progress
Northlands Wood Primary Mural
In Progress 2
The Age of Revolution Mural
Art Department Stairs Mural
Brighton Pier Mural in Progress
Coast Cafe Windbreak Mural
Cranes Lounge Mural
Science Art Mural 1
Science Art Mural 2
Science Art Mural 3
Science Art Mural 4
Science Art Mural 5
Tiger Bin Progress
Tiger Bin Finished
Gym Mural 2022